About Us

Name of the company - "Krevetebi.ge".

Our story is very fresh, as we have started creating our history since 2019.

Both the name and the concept of the startup was initially defined by the specialty and uniqueness of the product. Shrimp itself has become our visit card.

Today we are making our fist steps for development and therefore, we present you fast food version of delicious Asian cuisine with interesting menu. Moreover, you can even try our specialty beef burger.

At us you can get delicious dishes of exclusively high quality, healthy products, prepared right in front of you in a very short time.

Krevetebi.ge (located on Gagarini str. 27) is the place mainly for busy people with very little or no time to eat good and, at the same time, healthy food in a short time.

Our kitchen is for those who love asian food, seafood and who desire the most healthy and freshly squeezed natural juices with no chemical additives.

At last, Krevetebi.ge is the most free, creative, modern, motivated and the most friendly team, that is oriented on growth and innovation. It thrives for constant monitoring of customers’ needs and their satisfaction.